Uniform policy

North Toronto Christian School requires all students to wear the school uniform in accordance with published guidelines. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to make sure that their child owns the appropriate attire, and it is the responsibility of the student to wear the uniform properly at all times. Information about purchasing the uniform can be found on our fees page.

Elementary school policy
High school policy
Group of students

School uniform

Students are expected to be in uniform on all school days, unless otherwise notified.

Students must arrive at and depart from school in proper uniform.

Parents may not excuse the students from the uniform; notes from home are not accepted.

Students are required to travel on field trips in proper uniform, unless otherwise notified.

Non-uniform items are forbidden at all times, including lunch time, spares, and before/after school.

Students may be asked to leave class and/or return home if not in compliance with the uniform policies and guidelines.

P.E. uniform

Students can purchase P.E. uniform items from the school office at any time throughout the year.

Students must wear the P.E. uniform (not the school uniform) for intramurals or sports teams tryouts/practices.