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Teacher's Prospectus

Spiritual Ministry

Your work must be more than a job -- more than an income. As the key employee in a Christian school, you must visualize your work as a ministry, with a high level of spiritual content.

Professional Superiority

You must exhibit a true professionalism in all your dealings with students, parents, and colleagues. You must do as competent a job as (preferably more competent than) any other teacher anywhere else. Your Christian testimony will be no more creditable than your work. Students Learning Science

Classroom Autonomy

You must be willing to take the major responsibility for the management of your own classroom. You are free -- and, indeed, expected -- to use your training, ingenuity, and creativity to the full, and to make generous use of all resources to maximize the learning environment for your students.

Parental Responsibility

NTCS does not have any goals or ambitions of its own. It exists solely to provide a service to Christian parents; therefore, the parents of the students must be recognized as an integral part of the program of the school. In God's order, parents have the ultimate responsibility for the education and well-being of their children. The school must be careful not to let them ignore that responsibility by transferring it entirely to the school, but, at the same time, do all that it can to make that responsibility easier to handle.

Board Accountability

North Toronto Christian School is a provincially registered, non-profit charitable organization, whose policy is set and supervised by a Board of Directors.