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Girls Have Fun at Lunch North Toronto Christian School offers a homestay program for international students requiring accommodation during their time of study. Total immersion in English is the best way to learn the foreign language and culture. Students who choose this option usually improve their linguistic skills at a more advanced rate than their classmates who are not in this program.

Each host family is carefully screened to ensure the best possible environment for the student. These families have very diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. Some have pets, some have children, some host more than one foreign student (never of the same mother language), and some work from home. The student has a great selection of families from which to choose.

The homestay program includes three well-balanced meals per day. Students are encouraged to help themselves to breakfast and pack their own lunch. A separate bedroom is furnished with a bed, dresser, closet, desk, proper lighting, clean towels and linen, access to laundry facilities, and full interaction with family members. The student is encouraged to join the family in their outings, hobbies, and traditional ceremonies.

The homestay program offers much more than linguistic opportunities. Strong bonds of friendship form between the family and the student, and most families still communicate with their former students who have returned to their homelands. It is definitely a rewarding experience for all involved!