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High School Admissions Policy

The intention of the North Toronto Christian School is to provide the best possible academic education within a Christian environment. In order to do so, a certain admissions policy is established.


Applicants must maintain an overall average of 65% with no failing grades. Furthermore, applicants to grade 9 must have a minimum final grade of 70% in mathematics, English, and French. For grades 10 to 12, the French requirement applies only to those planning to continue its study. Applicants who fail to meet one or more of these requirements may be required to complete a summer remedial program before gaining admission.

NTCS strives to maintain high standards in its academic programs. All courses are offered at the advanced level. Students must therefore be prepared to set similar standards for their own work. The school reserves the right to require applicants to take a standardized test if there is any question as to the student's ability to do advanced level work.

Student in Class


Applicants must agree to honour the school's behavioural code. This includes behaving in a manner that reflects Biblical principles and that is consistent with a conservative, evangelical Christian way of life. Students are expected to respect their teachers, peers, and environment. For more details, see the Student Handbook.


Students should demonstrate a positive attitude toward their education, a willingness to work hard toward achieving the goals of education, and a sincere desire to continue their education at NTCS. They must also accept and maintain a positive attitude toward the Christian nature of the school environment and standards.


Applicants must agree to wear the school and gym uniform in accordance with the uniform guidelines and must accept the school's right to set limits in other areas of personal appearance. For more details, review the High School Uniform Policy.

Language Proficiency

Students whose ability to study in English is limited will be required to take a language proficiency test. The school reserves the right to require students who score poorly to take additional ESL instruction as a condition of acceptance.

It should be understood that families who may satisfy the above general standards may still not gain admission to the school the first year that they apply, simply due to a lack of available space.

Family Discounts

Tuition fees are set annually and structured to provide for the operating needs of the school. As a family-oriented school, the rates are kept as reasonable as possible to make the program affordable to most families. For that reason there are generous discounts when more than one child from a family is enrolled.

Overall, admission is based on availability of space, a personal interview, an admissions test (if necessary), previous academic records, written indication of parental support for the program, the evaluation form completed by the current school, and a personal conversation with their current school's principal, should it be deemed necessary. When the application has been approved and the registration fee and capital deposit have been received, a letter of acceptance will be issued to reserve a place in class.

You can download a high school student application here.