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North Toronto Christian School believes that emotional and physical development, social interaction, Biblical teaching, and intellectual and artistic achievement are all essential to the educational process and are best promoted in a family-oriented, teacher-directed, and disciplined environment.


NTCS was created to provide an enriched environment where the natural desire of children to learn and achieve is nourished, leading them to a full realization of their spiritual, mental, and physical potential.

Strong Faith: The Spiritual

Worship band It is the purpose of NTCS to provide a sound academic education integrated with a Christian view of God and the world. The Bible is specific in stating the principles that underlie Christian education. The Bible says, "For by Him were all things created, that are in Heaven, and that are in earth... And He is before all things and by Him all things consist." (Colossians 1:16-17) "All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made." (John 1:3) Accepting this as truth creates an important difference between Christian and non-Christian viewpoints on any given subject. Even though knowledge is factually the same for both, no subject can be taught in the totality of its truth if the Creator is ignored or denied. This approach to education provides a unifying framework within which all facts are learned, all opinions formed, and all values developed.

The school considers the Word of God clear in making Christian parents responsible for the education of their children. This education is not limited only to the counsels of God revealed in His Word, but extends to the counsels of God revealed in His world. Therefore, children should be educated at home and at school with the consciousness that all truth is God's truth and that Jesus Christ is to be central to all learning and living.

Strong Minds: The Intellectual

The objective of the academic program of NTCS is to create a partnership between the home and the school that will develop in each student a lifelong love of learning.

The teachers are carefully chosen to model a Christian lifestyle to the students, to be proficient in their chosen field of study, to be effective communicators with young people, and to be committed to the total ministry of the school.

NTCS desires to develop students who are growing spiritually as well as mentally and physically. Ideally, they will be well-mannered, sensitive to the needs of others, honest, proud of their accomplishments, self-disciplined in mind and body, responsible, and articulate. As a result, the program is designed for devoted students only -- students who are serious about life and learning. Students who are wandering aimlessly through school with no effort, goals, or love of learning will be easily discouraged by the competitive, focused environment and should not consider NTCS for their education.

Student at Track Meet

Strong Bodies: The Physical

The physical education program is designed to teach all students to enjoy personal fitness, sports, and an active life as a fulfilling and longlasting habit.

The school's philosophy is that sports competition at a suitable skill level is an enjoyable, character-building experience for children of all ages. Sport inevitably invokes most of the great human emotions of triumph, defeat, joy, sacrifice, pain, and altruism. Through sport, students learn how to lose with grace, to win with modesty, and, above all, to participate with others in the teamwork required to achieve what often seem like an unreachable goal. Through sport, students extend their limits of courage, ability, self-knowledge, and selflessness.

NTCS provides physical education at all grades and for all levels of ability. Students are required to participate in the physical education program and are encouraged to be involved in sports teams, intramurals, and other extracurricular activities. Progressive instruction is offered in a variety of sport, fitness, and recreational activities, which will vary according to student interest and seasonally available facilities.