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March 30-April 3 (Read 415 times)
Mar 27th, 2020 at 5:27pm

Miss Brooks   Offline
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Learning Goal: Identify ways in which online and other electronic media shape and affect today’s society. (C1.5)

The Media unit for IDC4U was planned before anyone expected to be studying online. At a time when we are completely immersed in the Internet we can be thankful for the amazing technology that keeps us connected and at the same time critically examine how we are shaped by and interact with our society.

Day 4 - class B
Finish the work assigned last week and email it to your teacher as a .doc or .pdf by the end of the day M March 30. Add your name at the end of the original file name, e.g.  media-Internet-brooksd.doc  If you completed this work last week that is fine.

Day 1 - class A/B
Introduction:  Is the Internet good or bad? Obviously this is a complicated multi-faceted question. Record your immediate response in your notes. 

The term “funny cat video” has become somewhat of a technical term. What is meant by this? What does it say about our society? (Sample cat video, don’t waste your time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Dbvd4E-334 )

The Impact of the Internet on Education: Go to the website and look at these slides
1 - watch the video, 2 - read the article, 4 - watch the video.

Experiment: The video in slide 4 says, “Find some time everyday to unplug, calm down, and focus on one thing at a time. Your email and those cats can wait.” So do it. Put away your phone, close your laptop, take off your headphones, turn off all your electronics. Take 30 min and do something completely non-electronic. It could be sketching, talking face-to-face with someone, playing with your pet, praying, exercising, reading a paper book, etc. Do something you like as long as you are 1) completely disconnected from all electronic media and 2) completely focused on only one activity. You must do the same activity for the whole 30 min. (You’re getting a credit for this so sleeping does not count as an activity!) Record what activity you did in your Learning Log for this week.

Day 2
Part 1 Reflection: type your answer in the attached template and email it to your teacher as a .doc or .pdf file. Name your file Reflection-electronicsfree_brooksd.doc, using your own name. Email this by the end of the day on Thursday at the latest.

Part 2: Read the these articles that express positive and negative viewpoints on technology in education:   https://classroom.synonym.com/internet-affect-higher-education-positive-way-219
8.html   (If this link won't connect on your computer you can look at the attached file. How Does the Internet Affect Higher Education in a Positive Way.)


Make a short list of the pros and cons mentioned in the articles or that occur to you. Keep this in your notes.

Day 3/4 - class A/B

Everyone has opinions about technology and we all have lots of experience. However, science and social science research aims to suspend the preconceived ideas and identify what is going on more objectively.

Read and summarize the attached article, “Children and Internet Use: Social, Psychological and Academic Consequences of Low-income Children” from the American Psychological Association. (Yes, that is where APA style comes from).

Assessment: Email your reflection from Day 2 to your teacher by Thursday. Fill in and email your Learning Log on Friday. You can continue adding to the Learning Log you used last week or you can use the new template that is attached.
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