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Introduction to Online CGW4U (Read 168 times)
Mar 24th, 2020 at 2:09pm

Miss Brooks   Offline
YaBB Teacher

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During the time that we are not meeting in class we will continue to use the same resources as we usually do including articles, online research, videos, the textbook and other activities--even some games to help us learn where countries are.

The Learning Log for the week is attached to the post detailing the work for the week. Please provide details about all of the work you did including videos you watched, time spent on research, etc. You are not expected to work on CGW4U on day 2s, but if you do work on these days then record it.

Email Communication. It is imperative that you include your name and course code in the subject for every email you send your teacher. When you are submitting work via email you must also include your name in the top right corner of the first page of your assignment. Without this identification your work cannot be distinguished from that of your classmates. Submit your work in a [b]single .pdf or .doc file[/b] with your name in the file name. Please follow these directions carefully as searching for disorganized work may not be your teacher’s priority. Scanning apps are available here: https://pdf.wondershare.com/mobile-app/free-pdf-scanner-app.html

Citing sources. In most cases a full APA reference list is not required unless it is asked for specifically. Copy and paste the website(s) you use and put them right beside the information in your answer.

Assessment. Unless otherwise specified, small assignments will be assessed using the attached rubric. Note that short assignments and may not be assessed in every category and formative assessment will not be included in the term grade. (Please do submit them as they are a record of the time you spent working on the course.) Some of us are very conscientious about making every detail perfect and then we run out of time to finish the work. If you are not certain about how formal and polished the work needs to be, ask your teacher for clarification.

Questions. Email any questions to your teacher with your name and CGW4U in the subject line. Answers will be posted with the relevant work so that everyone has the same information. Feel free to ask even small questions.

Today our World is facing serious Issues and people around the globe are suffering, in many cases much more than we are here in Canada, an Old Core country that enjoys many advantages others lack. As we work through inconveniences and challenges in the coming days let’s continue to feel compassion for those who face difficulties we can only imagine.

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