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Message started by Mr. Kim on Mar 27th, 2020 at 10:21pm

Title: Week of March 30
Post by Mr. Kim on Mar 27th, 2020 at 10:21pm
Hello All,
Great job on this week's work!  I am going to attach a scanned copy of the textbook sections, needed for this week. But I'd like to know who does not have their textbook with them at this moment. So if do not have an access to your textbook, please let me know.


By the end of this week, you will be able to:
- describe international trade organizations that have influenced global business activity;
- describe Canada's involvement in international trade organizations;
- understand and differentiate between the different globalization strategies used by international businesses

March 30: Continuing from last week's study on various international organizations, you are asked to research further into one of them, and produce a fact sheet with the in-depth knowledge. Please see the attached assignment sheet, "March 30 - International Organizations Activity" for the details.  This is due by Friday, April 3.

March 31: Continue working on the fact sheet.

April 1: Learn about international agreements with the attached PowerPoint, and by reading your textbook pp.220-226. Once done, research the differences between NAFTA and USMCA, and type up notes on at least five differences between the two.

April 3: Read your textbook pages 227-237, and continue learning about international agreements.  Answer the section review questions on 237.;file=1-2_International_Agreements.pptx (73 KB | 17 );file=March_30_-_International_Orgnaizations_activity.docx (16 KB | 27 );file=02_Learning_Log__Week_of_March_30_.docx (11 KB | 23 );file=6_2_Trade_Agreements.pdf (1552 KB | 25 );file=6_3_Trade_Organizations.pdf (1253 KB | 22 )

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