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March 30 - April 3 (Read 155 times)
Mar 27th, 2020 at 5:14pm

Miss Brooks   Offline
YaBB Teacher

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Learning Goal: Analyze ways in which international trade agreements impact society and the environment (D1.1)
Text reference: chapter 13

Note on how much work to do: The expectation is that you do 50 min of work each class. Look at how much time is allotted to know how much work is expected. You are handing in more work than usual to keep a record of what you are doing. Daily work will be assessed but you will be told when an assignment is worth a significant part of the term work and needs to be more polished.

Work to complete
Day 4
Select your book for the Reading project and start reading it. If your book is not on the list of books people have chosen, please let your teacher know what you are doing right away.
You must own a copy of the book. Under the circumstances you are not required to go to a bookstore and may buy an e-copy instead of paper. You will be highlighting and reading the book thoroughly so your e-book needs to be easy to navigate. (e.g. in the Kindle app you can copy and paste and the app will paste the citation information automatically. You can also export highlights if you have set up an Amazon account. Other formats may have similar features.)

When you get your book do at least 50min of reading.

Day 1/3 - The Clothing Industry: see the attached handout
You should spend two classes on this work. Extensive reading and researching can be time consuming if you are doing it thoroughly. Keep a copy of all of the websites you look at. You do not need to make long notes on all of the details because the quality of your work and the extent of your knowledge will be clear from your final reflection.
Assessment: The answer to the Application question will be graded and included in the term 2 mark.

Day 4 - Finish the work on the clothing industry and/or continue reading your ISU book

Assessment: Send your work to your teaching by Friday. Name your file 601c_clothing industry_brooks.doc with your own name. (Either .doc or .pdf is fine.)
Email your Learning Log on Friday. You can continue adding to last week's log or use the one attached here. Put your name in the title of your file.
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