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First Aid TEST tomorrow UPDATE (Read 54 times)
Mar 24th, 2020 at 4:01pm

Mrs. Babler   Offline
YaBB Teacher

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Hello Gr. 9B First Aid!

As you are aware from before the break, your first aid test is scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday March 25. As you are now doing your test online, there have been changes to the structure of the test. Please read carefully:

- Your test will be open book: you can have your notes, first aid lab etc. to reference
- The test will be entirely first aid practice situations which you will need to answer with clear detail. Each situation must be answered completely, from beginning assessment to arrival of EMS or solving of the situation. Please see below for an example answer.
- Your test will be marked late if emailed after 3pm Wednesday March 25. My email is ibabler@ntcs.on.ca
- I will post the test questions by 9am on Wednesday March 25.

Success Criteria

Student has answered all of the questions completely
Students has answered every aspect of the question
Student uses proper first aid terminology to describe how they would treat the victim
The first aid steps described by the students are in the correct order i.e. CPR 2 breaths before 30 compressions
Student’s answer includes first assessment and safety precautions i.e. no fire, no wire, no glass, no gas
Student includes secondary assessment and/or final resolution of the scenario i.e. EMS has arrived

An Example Question & Answer

The below example is provided for you to understand my expectations for full marks.

1. On your way home from school with your parent or guardian, you pass a car accident that seems to have just happened. There is no EMS on the scene. You notice the two victims standing outside of their vehicles. Both victims are able to talk, move around and have no immediately apparent injuries. However, one of the victims, a middle aged woman, seems to be suffering from shock. What symptoms would this person have and  how would you respond? (10 marks)

Example Correct Answer

The first thing I would do in this scenario is ensure I am safe. I would ensure my parents could pull over safely to the side of the road. If there is no traffic and we are safely pulled over, I would examine the situation to see if it is safe for me to approach. I would check there is no fire, no electric issues, no ‘gas’ and no broken glass I could step on. If the scene is safe, then I would approach. I would first assess the victims as they approach- I notice that both people are active, moving and breathing.
I would begin by asking the victims if they are OK and if they have called EMS. If they had not called EMS, I would tell my parents (my bystanders) to call EMS. They would tell EMS the location, that we have two victims who were just in a car accident and one of them seems to be suffering from shock. I would make sure my parents report back to me the approximate timing of the EMS arrival.
I notice the woman who is in shock is really restless, she is pacing up and down. She has pale skin and is sweating. Her breaths are shallow and irregular. She seems a little confused and has difficulty communicating clearly.
To treat her for shock, I follow the WARTS acronym. I first ask her to sit down in a semi prone position so if she faints, she can be safely lowered to the ground. Next, I monitor her ‘ABC’S- I assess her Airway, Breathing and Circulation as these are her vital signs. Then, I make sure she is warm by giving her my coat to wear. I begin to talk calmly to her, reassuring her that everything will be alright. I treat the cause of the shock by keeping her focused on talking to me and asking her if she has any injuries or any pain. I could also encourage her to breathe deep breaths to slow down her breathing rate.
I continue this treatment until EMS arrives or she recovers fully.


The above answer is a complete answer that fulfills all the success criteria.

Good luck tomorrow! You've got this!  Smiley
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