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Week of March 24 (Read 1159 times)
Mar 24th, 2020 at 2:35pm

Mr. Kim   Offline
YaBB Teacher

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Hello Everyone,
Hope you are all well and safe at home!

This way of learning is new to many of us. So we may need to make a few adjustments and improvements along the way. So feel free to communicate to me via email if you have questions or suggestions going forward.

P.S. Please stay tuned for the unit 2 test update. I am figuring out how the evaluation can be done online.

Unit 3 - Data Management

There is so much going on right now, one of which shows how the world relies on data (that is, an accurate and reliable set of data) to respond and prepare effectively and timely to the current pandemic situation. Many countries collect, analyse and release data, but not all of them are considered reliable or even raising questions about its legitimacy. So why do we have such discrepancy in credibility of data?

That is what we are going to take a look in this next unit. We are going to learn how a reliable data analysis is produced from execution of random and fair data collection to organization, interpretation and analysis of data.

By the end of this week, you should be able to:
- show how data are used and misused in statistical studies
- identify different types of data
- understand that there is variability in data
- analyse single sources of data or related sources

This website (https://lah.elearningontario.ca/CMS/public/exported_courses/MDM4U/exported/inter...) will be used in conjunction with my powerpoints and your textbook, going forward. For example, for this week, you will be asked to study through Unit 4, Activity 2: Types of Data.

Please find the attached learning log for this week and follow the activities.

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