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October 25 Instruction - Unit 1 Test Review Part 1 (Read 646 times)
Oct 25th, 2019 at 7:26am

Mr. Kim   Offline
YaBB Teacher

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Complete the following 15 questions as part of a review for the unit test.  If you are done early, organize and study your class notes to prepare yourself. 

Unit 1 Review Questions
1.      What is the purpose of Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), and what are its target speeds by the end of this year?
2.      What are the three factors to evaluate or consider in order to use the internet effectively?
3.      What are the factors that contribute to an unhealthy work environment?
4.      How can one improve his/her work environment to be more ergonomically correct?
5.      How should you sit at your workstation? Give advice on the position of the wrists, elbows, shoulders, lower back, neck, hips, knees, feet, monitor, chair, mouse and keyboard.
6.      What is malware, and how does it affect a computer?  What are examples of malware?
7.      What is e-waste and why is it important to discard them properly?
8.      Name a facility in Ontario that recycles e-waste.
9.      Why is it important for you to be familiar with your computer’s operating system?
10.      Explain how the internet works – how does information travel? (in your answer use the terms such as ISP, backbones, IP address, DNS etc.)
11.      How is the World Wide Web different from the Internet?
12.      How can you tell if a word or picture on a Web page is a hyperlink?
13.      What is the language of hypertext documents?
14.      What is an infrastructure, and how does it affect us?
15.      Identify three technologies that resulted in changes in the way information is delivered today.


The attached picture is the ergonomic diagram shown in class, fyi.

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