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Music: Friday, September 14th (Read 192 times)
Sep 14th, 2018 at 1:46pm

Mr. Brown   Offline
YaBB Teacher

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In today's class, we began to use and identify the following note and rest values:

1) Whole note/rest
2) Half note/rest
3) Quarter note/rest
4) Eighth note/rest

The students also learned about time signatures, and the meaning of the top and bottom numbers in a time signature.

Top number = the number of beats in 1 bar (4 = 4 beats
Bottom number = the note the receives 1 beat (4 = quarter note gets 1 beat)

The students learned that in 4/4 time:
Whole note/rest = 4 beats
Half note/rest = 2 beats
Quarter note/rest = 1 beat
Eighth note/rest = 1/2 beat

Students only have homework if they were unable to finish today's independent work.

Lastly, we learned about the different parts of a note:
- Notehead
- Stem
- Flag (on an eighth note)
- Beam (used to join two eighth notes)
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