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Homework:week of May 28 -June 1, 2018 (Read 94 times)
May 28th, 2018 at 10:09am

Mrs. Douthwright   Offline
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Monday, May 28 - Day 4
Today in class:
1. The Symbiosis HW from last day was corrected.
2. The bar graph questions and your small quiz were returned and discussed.
3. A practice "Self Quiz" on sections 1.1/1.2 was given. These should be easy questions for Friday's Ecology Test!

4. Reading Assignment: Please complete the Section 2.1 Reading assignment before next class. You have 2 nights to get this done!

Note: We will be looking at Section 2.2 on Wed. and Thurs.

Your test will cover all of the material in Chapters #1 and #2. (we will not get to chapter#3).

Wednesday, May 30 - Day 2
Today we had an extra short class as we had to go set up the chairs for Chapel. We did go over the corrections for both the self quiz and the Easter Island reading assignment.

Three new handouts were given out:
1)  A recap sheet of significant points from Ch 2 - Human Activities that affect Ecosystems.
2) Tonight's Reading assignment/HW Questions on Sect. 2.2 Pgs. 68-75
3) A short handout outlining the components of soil. NOTE: Our text book leaves out an important layer.

Isaiah and Felix you forgot to come get the sheets from me after your swimming job. Cry

Tomorrow we will discuss the factors affecting the earth's water supply and then we will be done all new content for Friday's test on Ch. 1 and 2.

Re. Exam review: I gave you back your folder of tests, assignments and quizzes. You should be reviewing that material  already. Your exam will cover the entire text book.

I will give you a few exam review handouts after the test on Friday. Next week in class we will work through them. 

Friday, June 1 - Day 4
Our final test of the year was written today.
Exam Review sheets were handed out after the test.
Start going through them. In the 3 classes we have next week we will be working on those sheets so keep bringing them to class with you.
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