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Civic Action Project (Read 455 times)
Reply #1 - Dec 13th, 2016 at 10:05pm

Miss Chow   Offline
YaBB Teacher

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Instructions for 10A, for Friday, December 16:

Start the "Research an Issue" portion of the Civic Action Project, based on the guidelines we discussed during brainstorming. Issues can be municipal, provincial, national, or global, and should be something that citizens can take action on.

By the end of the period, please email me:
- your idea(s) of which issue(s) you intend to your 1-minute-pitch on (email me an idea, any idea)
- a link to a news article(s) you intend to do your summary on (if you can find one in 25 mins)
- what action you might suggest your classmates take on this issue
- any questions you have for me

Here are some examples of issues and article headlines that have been approved for 10B:

- on Syrian refugee crisis: "Syrian refugees mark the one year anniversary of being welcomed to Canada", and "ceasefire broken by Turkey and Syrian regime militants during civilian evacuation in Aleppo, Syria"
- on Animal protection: "TripAdvisor To Stop Selling Tickets To Cruel Wildlife Tourism Attractions
- Food waste reduction in Canada
- TTC accessibility for those in wheelchairs

Sorry I'm still not there, I wouldn't be very helpful in class if you couldn't hear me speak... but I can reply to your email. Wink
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Dec 13th, 2016 at 2:58pm

Miss Chow   Offline
YaBB Teacher

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Attached you'll find details for the final evaluation for the course. This counts for 30% of the final mark, and is in essence the "exam" for this course. Here is the timeline:

Tuesday 12/20 (Day 1) - Research and work period in C6
Thursday 12/22 (Day 3) -
"Research an Issue" portion due + 1-minute-pitch presentations in class

Friday 12/23 (Day 4) - "rain date" for 1-minute-pitch presentations from last class

* Christmas break *

Monday 1/9 (Day 1) - Group work period (brainstorm for "Develop a Plan")
Wednesday 1/11 (Day 3) - Group work period in C6 ("Develop a Plan")
Thursday 1/12 (Day 4) - Group work period in C6 (finalize "Develop a Plan" by end of period, begin work on "Do Something" for individual portion)
Friday 1/13 (Day 1) - Work period in C6 ("Do Something")

Tuesday 1/14 (Day 3) - Work period in C6 ("Do Something")
Wednesday 1/15 (Day 4) -
Project Due
. Groups share ideas with class.
Thursday 1/16 (Day 1) - Groups share ideas with class.

Monday 1/23 (Day 3) Begin Career Studies!

Shocked Cool

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